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David Stevens Books

Friday, December 7, 2018

Everything Stops for Christmas

Merry Christmas to one and all…

Best wishes to you all.

David Stevens

Everything Stops for Christmas… 

Chapter 1

It had been a tradition for centuries that during the complete month of July, Santa and his wife took a relaxing holiday. The rest of the year he oversaw the construction of the heaps toys and gifts that he would deliver to all the children around the world.

There was one rule in July, Santa Claus was not to be contacted for any but the most serious of reasons. So far, in the first eighteen years of this century, such an event had not occurred. Normally, if things were to go very wrong it would be close to Christmas, as it had been when the reindeer became ill and could not fly, and the dragons saved the day.

Mrs. Claus was sitting just under the shade of a huge palm tree; next to her was her Santa. Unlike her, he liked the sun and was resting back in a striped deckchair. He was currently looking out across the wide expanse of sand leading out to the rich blue ocean beyond. Santa was enjoying watching a sail-boarder swishing across the gentle ripples. He was content, very content. His disguise was working perfectly. He was pleased with himself for having made an appointment to have a whole inch trimmed from his luxurious white beard. Now he believed no one would recognize him as good old Saint Nick!

Monday, January 1, 2018

The Mysterious David Stevens

David Stevens’ identity is shrouded in mystery. Though his literary works span the gauntlet of genre and are known internationally, his persona remains hidden to all but the most diligent and intrepid researchers.

Naturally, rumors abound. Some say Mr. Stevens is just a kind old British gent living out his retirement in a secluded English manor, but there are those that point to his twitter stream at @DS_Books and shake their heads at such an innocent, even naive viewpoint.

Those who study his twitter feed point to tiny clues that make the origin of the man far more mysterious. Some of his followers refer to him as Mage and attribute magical qualities to his actions. He, himself, refers to a resident dragon named Robert who lives with him and Cook at the manor. The garden is filled with fairies, and the walls guarded by dragons and Battle Trolls. Are these references fanciful? Many think not.

Recently, Kelly Hunter and her team of paparazzi did their best to capture images of Mr. Stevens’ manor, grounds and even the man himself. We present these photos as evidence that the man does exist, but in what form we cannot be sure.

A reading of Mr. Stevens’ books might enlighten anyone seeking the truth in this matter. Then again, it just might lead to more questions that only a further study, and continued reading, might solve.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Dragonly Mischief - The Kidnapping of Santa

The last harness was buckled into place and the reindeer were anxious to depart. It was early December, not nearly Christmas, but Santa was taking the reindeer out on a very important delivery. The bells he would normally have attached to their tack were left hanging on their pegs. They were not needed on this trip.

The snow door swung open on the newly installed electric motors. Santa no longer had to call the elves to clear the snow built up on the outside with their green and red shovels. Now, stardust-powered-heaters, built into the door, melted that snow away.

He spoke to Rudolph, the lead reindeer, “We have a long way to go and we need to get there quickly.”

Rudolph’s red nose glowed brightly in anticipation. Santa patted him affectionately.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

A Christmas Rescue

My friends, followers and readers. I do not send out Christmas cards, instead I offer you this short tale of Christmas and Dragons with my very best wishes for a very Happy Christmas and New Year.  - David Stevens

A Christmas Rescue

Christmas is a time for goodwill and love and as it came closer David Stevens was sitting watching the world pass by his office window, remembering his voyage with Santa and the Dragons. Much as the temptation to return to the North Pole pulled at his thoughts, he realised that to do so without either good reason or an invite would be nothing but selfish. Santa would be working hard, racing against time in preparation for the big day. The Elves would have no time for him were he to arrive unexpected, and frankly, that was not a situation David would ever want to contemplate.

This Christmas he would spend the day with his family and the creatures who made his manor home their own.